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Washington Nationals Information

The Washington Nationals were established as the Montreal Expos in 1969. After the 1994 strike, interest in the Expos in Montreal severely declined. The team moved to Washington in 2005 under the ownership of MLB and became the Nationals. The Nationals play in the NL East division. As a franchise the Expos/Nationals have no Championships and no Pennants.

The 2008 season was nothing short of frustrating for the ball club after finishing last in the division with a 59-102 record. Outfielder Willie Harris signed a two-year extension that year. The Nationals also acquired pitchers Daniel Dabrera, Scott Olsen and outfielder Josh Willingham. The following season showcased similar results despite the continuous development of young talent within the organization.

The Nationals improved their record in 2010, but remained in last place in the division at 69-93. During the 2011 off-season, they signed outfielder Jayson Werth to a huge deal and improved their record dramatically, 80-81, with a third place finish. In 2012, they are hoping that Werth can improve from his first season with them, and along with young phenom players, Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper, and Ryan Zimmerman continue to grow as an organization and find even more success in the tough NL East.