The Lion King Information

The story of The Lion King has been a widely beloved classic ever since the release of the Disney 1994 animated movie. The Lion King The Musical was brought to life as a response to the movie in 1997, with music by Elton John, lyrics by Tim Rice and a musical score by composer and producer German Hans Zimmer and South-African Lebo M. The production is Broadway’s eighth longest-running show in history. The show then made its debut for performances in London’s West End Lyceum Theater in 1999 and has been running ever since. Since, the show has been reproduced to play in Australia, Los Angeles, Toronto, Wales, Paris, South Africa, Taiwan, Mexico and recently opened in Madrid as well.

We know the story of the Lion King all too well, the coming of age of lion cub Simba, son of Lion King Mufasa. While Mufasa helps to guide his son in decision-making, Uncle Scar devises to steer Simba away from the throne. Meerkat Timon, warthog Pumbaa, female cub Nala and baboon Rafiki help to steer Simba in the right direction while providing him with affection and strength. The tale is heartwarming and loved by audiences of all ages. While debuting at the 1998 Tony Awards, The Lion King won six awards including Best Musical, Best Scenic Design for a Musical, Best Costume Design for a Musical, Best Lighting Design of a Musical, Best Choreography and Best Direction of a Musical. The Lion King has been playing at the Boston Opera House since February and will continue its run until March 21, 2011.

Photo by Flickr user Nasa Dulo ng Dila