Tegan And Sara Information

Identical twins and Indie Rock Duo Tegan and Sara began making music in together in 1997 with their schools recording equipment. The following year they won the "Garage Warz Battle of the Bands" in Calgary. Since then they have produced and released five studio albums and thirteen singles. The sisters won the Studio8 Song of August 2009 for their hit "The Con." Other popular tracks include "The First," "Time Running," "I Hear Noises," and Monday Monday Monday."

Tegan and Sara will be performing at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, MA on February 13th before hitting the Tower Theatre in Upper Derby, PA on the 16th. The shows will be a part of their 2010 Winter tour that will start up on January 5th in Vancouver. After showcasing their talents in all major U.S. cities they’ll finally wrap up on April 6th at The Venue in Salt Lake City, UT.