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Steve Miller Band Information

The iconic Steve Miller Band was founded in 1967 by band namesake Steve Miller, Lonnie Turner, James Cooke, and Tim Davis in San Francisco, CA. Originally called the Steve Miller Blues Band they decided to contract the Blues when they were signed to Capitol Records.

They band first received attention as the backing band for Chuck Berry’s live album, Live at Fillmore Auditorium. The band would record their debut album, Children of the Future, in England shortly after this appearance. It wouldn’t be until the release of their second album Sailor that the band would receive the type of fame and recognition they are synonymous with today. The album debuted at 24 on the Billboard Top 100 list in 1968.

Throughout the decades following their late 60’s debut, the Steve Miller Band has accumulated 18 studio albums, three live albums, and 29 singles including their best known work “The Joker,” “Take the Money and Run,” and “Fly Like an Eagle.”

Although some of the faces have changed the band still tours and records music today despite Steve Miller himself nearing his 70’s.