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Nine Inch Nails Information

Nine Inch Nails is a one-man industrial rock band founded by Trent Reznor. Reznor is the only official manager and functions as the main producer, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist. Performing music at a young age, Reznor learned to play piano at five years old while he was growing up in Mercer, Pennsylvania. As he grew older, Reznor traded his classical learning in for a keyboard and a garage sound. At age nineteen, he moved to Cleveland, Ohio where he worked as a janitor (and later on, as assistant engineer) for Right Track Studios. As Reznor was currently working on his solo-project (not-yet named Nine Inch Nails), the studio’s owner, Bart Koster, allowed him to use the studio to record his own music. Initially, Reznor only wanted to secure a small European deal; however, he was offered record deals by several American labels. Reznor signed to TVT Records and released Purest Feeling in 1988. Later on, these demo tracks were converted to a full-length studio release, Pretty Hate Machine (1989). Pretty Hate Machine was one of the first independently released records to achieve platinum certification. Reznor made industrial rock a much more accessible and popular genre (especially because unlike precursors of this genre, Nine Inch Nails enabled lyrics to have a much more centralized focus.) Nine Inch Nails experienced a hiatus from 2009-2013. After several disputes with corporate record industries, Nine Inch Nails ended its hiatus and now records music independently. The band remains one of the most acclaimed in industrial rock.

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