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Morrissey Information

Morrissey is one of those rare people with the talent and charisma to gain a cult following. Even as a child Steven Morrissey was somewhat of an outcast because his musical influences were not particularly what his peers were listening to. His affection for 1950's and 1960's girl groups and female singers would forever shape and influence his own sound.

In 1982 Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr formed The Smiths. They had a six year musical collaboration whose albums were instantaneously groundbreaking. Morrissey's lyrics and sound were perfect poetry over Johnny Marr's soulfully layered guitars. They released 8 albums including "Meat is Murder". "The Queen is Dead" and "Louder Than Bombs". They broke up in 1988 due in part to irreconcilable differences of the musical kind.

In 1988 Morrissey released his first piece of solo work, "Viva Hate". His lyrics and vision stood alone without the backing of Johnny Marr and the cult following of "The Smiths" seemed to follow Morrissey alone.

From then until this very moment, Morrissey and his words and music are strong influences in the music scene. Morrissey is able to consistently tap into the emotional recesses of our minds and hearts, back it by guitars and sometimes, make us see the humor of it all.