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Mike Posner Information

Fresh after graduating from Duke University, pop- hip/hop singer-songwriter Mike Posen’s first single “Cooler Than Me” has already landed in the Billboard Country Top 10. Rather than putting school on hold for a music career, he used the connection at college at his advantage, his friends helping to make a buzz about his self-produced, dorm-made mix tape and touring on the weekends. With the upcoming release of his debut 31 Minutes to Takeoff in August and the rise of his second single “Please Don’t Go”, Mike Posner is already putting his name out there by headlining the fall 2010 “Mike Posner Up in the Air Tour”. After travelling with Warped Tour for the rest of the summer, Posner has a 36-date tour, heading to Boston to wrap up the tour at the House of Blues on October 11th presented by