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Mamma Mia! Information

Made famous by appropriating ABBA songs to fit the musical molding of a mother-daughter relationship gone sour, Mamma Mia is the heartwarming musical that’s been successful touring the world for over 10 years and eventually led to the film-adaptation starring Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Amanda Seyfried. The original stage performance of Mamma Mia opened on the Prince Edward Theater in London’s West End in 1999, remaining there until moving to the Princess Diana of Whales Theater in 2004 where it is currently playing. Since coming to the US, Mamma Mia has toured for over ten years and was named Las Vegas’ longest running musical after playing its 1000th performance in 2005.

Taking place on a modern day Greek isle, young Sophie is getting married. With dreams of having a big traditional white wedding and her father giving her away, she runs into a problem: she doesn’t know who her father is. While scavenging through her mother’s promiscuous youth, she contacts three men who have the potential to be her father. By revisiting her mother’s eventful past, Sophie becomes skeptical about ever finding out who her father is and concerned about her own impending marriage while most importantly rekindling her relationship with her mother.

The plot is accompanied by ABBA favorites like “Dancing Queen”, “Super Trooper” “Take a Chance on Me” and of course “Mamma Mia”, all crafted into the plot so masterfully that viewers seem to forget the songs ever existed prior to the narrative. The New York production of Mamma Mia is set to hit the stage at the Winter Garden Theater, debuting for its recent tour on June 16th and scheduled to play for the next year.

“A production of tremendous warmth, vitality and technical excellence that offers an evening on unbridled fun. It is a tribute to the scriptwriting skill of Catherine Johnson that the ABBA songs are slotted so naturally into the storyline. While being swept along by the ingenious choreography and witty dialogue, I found myself examining ABBA’s music in a new light.” -David Sinclair, The Times

Photo by Flickr user trec_lit