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Lifehouse Information

Formed in the late ‘90s, Lifehouse has coasted through the decade with successful commercial hits without necessarily ever making it big. Rather than focus on sales and popularity, the band aimed to create a close relationship with their fans, giving back in the form of touring. “We stayed out on the road for the last ten years," front man Jason Wade said. "Even through the hard times we played four to six shows a week. We refused to disappear!”

Lifehouse released its smash debut No Name Face in 2000, launching them to global stardom. Their breakout single "Hanging by a Moment" was the single most played radio track of 2001. Over the next few years – joined first by bassist Bryce Soderberg and more recently guitarist Ben Carey - Lifehouse built upon that initial success. Combined album sales total over 5 million and Lifehouse singles have sold over 3 million copies online including number one hits "Hanging By a Moment" and "You and Me." Later Lifehouse singles "First Time," "Whatever It Takes," and "Broken" have also achieved major chart and sales success.

In the fall of 2008, when the band finally came off the road from supporting Who We Are, they were on a post-tour high and wanted to bring that live energy to the next album. The band decided to take their time with this record and as a result, it was more of a creative journey, experimenting with Americana, classic rock, pop and different playing styles. After spending a year recording upwards of thirty-five tracks before settling on the twelve songs that make up Smoke & Mirrors. The record is loosely split between rock tracks meant to capture the feel of seeing Lifehouse live and extremely catchy, sing-along pop songs, put together with the help of Chris Daughtry. Lifehouse is currently touring for Smoke & Mirrors, performing at the Orpheum Theater in Boston on October 16th.