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Kevin Smith Information

Best known for his work on and off screen, producer/screenwriter/actor/director Kevin Smith has really done it all- written comic books, started a comic store, founded a production company and now he’s releasing a comedy DVD and doing a national stand-up tour. While many know him for his work on Jay and Silent Bob, Clerks and other low budget comedies, Kevin Smith has a longer resume than one would think- having also attributed to such films as drama Good Will Hunting and romantic comedies Chasing Amy and Jersey Girl.

Smith is well-known for participating in long, humorous Q&A sessions turned comedy routines, spouting off about his personal life and how he originally got to be involved in the film industry. The writer behind the movies that kept you laughing until the very end is now offering the same humor without the script- offering his clever opinions about various topics ranging from kids to fellow actors and directors, dabbing in maliciousness always ending on a jovial note. Though Smith does not typically take the stage alone, usually accompanied by on-screen and real-life friend, Jason Mewes, this fall’s comedy tour, coming to Boston’s House of Blues, will be a solo act put on by the unseemly man behind some of Hollywood’s most underrated scenes. The Boston appearance is only one of three tour dates Smith has planned for this year.