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Jack Johnson Information

Jack Johnson is known most for his catchy acoustic arpeggios, songs about banana pancakes and singing for Curious George. The surfer turned songwriter is currently on tour in Europe, performing several shows in Germany, France and the UK before coming to the US July 9th and playing at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA on July 10th. Johnson is promoting his newest album To the Sea, which is being released . His previous album, Sleep Through the Static (2008) debuted #1 on Billboard album charts and stayed there for three weeks, selling more copies than Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black.

Like his 2008 tour, 100% of the profits from his 2010 tour will be donated directly to All at Once and the Johnson Ohama Charitable Organization. All at Once is a social action network Johnson created where “you can make a positive change in your local and world community”. This year’s All at Once campaign features over 150 non-profit groups and focuses on supporting Sustainable Local Food Systems and Plastic Free Initiatives. Along with living green, Johnson also takes pride in his that his family does not own a TV, does not follow current pop culture and lives just steps from the glorious Hawaiian surf.

“To the Sea is about trying to go beneath the surface and understand yourself," Johnson told MTV News. "I have three kids ... so the album is about that. It's both me as a son of my own father and me looking down at my kids.” The first single from the album “You and Your Heart” has already begun to get radio play and the release date for the album is June 1st. Johnson is touring throughout the US from July to October and will wrap up the tour and year in Australia.