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Originally formed in the mid 60's by John Geils, Danny Klein, and Richard "Magic Dick" Salwitz, the J. Geils band started off as a an acoustic blues trio. The band explored a new sound in 1967, bringing in a drummer (Stephen Jo Bladd), new vocalist (former DJ Peter Wolf), and organist Seth Justman. Their reputation for wild live shows helped land them a deal with Atlantic records.

Starting with their self titled album in 1970, the hardworking band would release a record a year until 1983. While their first three barely cracked the billboard charts, 1973's Bloodshot made it to #10 on the US pop album charts, fueled by singles "Give it To Me" and "Make Up Your Mind". In 1976 the band released the second of their live albums, titled Blow Your Face Out. It included the now-legendary version of "Must of Got Lost" - kicked off by front Man Peter Wolf's rapid-fire delivery of the intro monologue.

1979 single "Sanctuary", from the album of the same name, rocketed to the #9 spot on the singles list, signaling a new point in the band's career. The J. Geils band began to hit mainstream gold with "Love Stinks", showing a penchant for writing catchy rock songs.

"Freeze Frame", released in 1981, was the band's biggest album. Containing the title track, as well #1 single and early MTV hit "Centerfold", it would make the J. Geils band a household name. Unfortunately, it would be Wolf's last studio record with the group. Citing artistic differences, Wolf would depart the band in the 1983. Through the band would continue to release the albums for nearly 15 years after, Wolf would not rejoin until a 13-show East-coast tour in 1999. Save for a one-off performance at Danny Klein's 60th birthday party, the band has not performed together since then.

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