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Hot Stove, Cool Music is a yearly festival celebrating the success of Boston sports while benefitting “The Foundation to Be Named Later,” a branch off the “Red Sox Foundation” that was founded by the Epstein twins. HSCM All-Stars include Peter Gammons, Bronson Arroyo, Kay Hanley, Buffalo Tom, Paul and Theo Epstein. State Radio and Tinted Windows will also take center stage for the 2010 event.

“It’s doing really well,” said Theo Epstein. “We’ve raised well over a million dollars now over the years. What I like about it the most is that the money goes to the non-profits that need it the most, in our opinion. There is no bureaucracy or red tape so the money goes directly from Red Sox fans to these organizations that help kids right on the front lines that need it the most.”

Come celebrate the success of Boston sports with the Hot Stove, Cool Music crew. The 10th annual Hot Stove, Cool Music concert is set for January 9th at the House of Blues in Boston.

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