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Gregg Allman Information

Many consider Gregg Allman's most significant contribution to rock's historical record is his role as the lead singer, organist, and principle songwriter for the Allman Brothers, the archetypal southern band founded by his older brother Duane in 1969. The younger Allman had a parallel career as a solo artist almost from the onset of the Allman Brothers, an outfit that had proven their mettle with an organic synthesis of blues, jazz, folk, rock and country influences, and the exquisite dual guitar interplay, that got so heated some nights a listener couldn't tell where one started and the other left off.

But it was because of these very strengths that one of the band's most obvious gifts--Gregg Allman's languid blues pacing and mournful growl--was often overshadowed by the crack musicianship of the tightly knit band. Allman's solo work gave him the recognition that he so sorely deserved. "I started thinking about my solo album long before there even was an Allman Brother Band," Allman remembers.

1969-1972 Gregg Allman emerged as a solo artist with his first album; the critically well-received hit Laid Back, which put the softer, more serious, soul- and gospel-tinged side of his work in sharper focus. A tour followed, which yielded a live album that was also a success. In 1977, that he delivered Playin' Up a Storm, a pop-soul effort that proved to be his most accomplished and successful album. Alas, this was to be the peak of his career away from the band. His next two albums, I'm No Angel and Just Before the Bullets Fly, released at the end of the 1980s, were a success on stage.

The Allman Brothers Band have a 37 year tradition of blending the new and the old... playing the songs that stir our souls because they bring back so many great memories, casting classic blues tunes in a new light, and then hitting us with something completely fresh and new that is destined to become a classic.