Dispatch Information

Known as one of the most successful independent bands, Boston based band Dispatch ruled college airwaves and festivals for 6 years. They toured, promoted, and recorded without the help of any major label. The band consists of Brad Corrigan, Pete Francis and Chad “Stokes” Urmston. They all played guitar and percussion and were know for their distinct vocal styles that blended together in perfect harmony. Their sound, a blend of roots folk rock, reggae, funk and rock the trio began performing and gained a following by word of mouth. Their first album Silent Steeples, showcased their vocal ability as well as their songwriting. The song “Elias” is a fan favorite, written by Urmston about the trip he took to Zimbabwe, Africa; it is also the inspiration behind his Elias Fund.

Their next album Bang Bang, features some of their most popular songs, “The General”, “Two Coins”, and “Bats in the Belfry”. The year 2000 saw them release their longest album to date, Who Are We Living For?, at 21 tracks shows the band peaking in their songwriting and lyrics. You have the reggae influenced “Open Up” and “Passerby” and then the more folk based “Headlights” and “Prince of Spades”. They even dug further into their rock roots with “Time Served” and a cover of Rage Against the Machine’s “Bulls on Parade”. In 2002 the band announced that they would be taking an indefinite hiatus.

They scheduled a farewell concert for all their fans planned to be at the Hatch Shell in Boston on July 31, 2004. It was referred to as “The Last Dispatch”, and it is now known as the biggest concert in independent music history. Fans flew in from all over the world bring the estimated total of people there to 166,000, so many people that the Boston Police had to shut down Storrow Drive due to overwhelming foot traffic. The show was released as a recording and a documentary folling the final days leading up to the concert was released as well.

The band members all stayed active in the music scene each pursuing their respective solo efforts. In July 2007 the band performed 3 nights at Madison Square Garden. These concerts sold out within minutes of them being announced. In 2011 they announced that they would embark on a reunion tour of select dates and later that year they released a video on YouTube confirming rumors that they were in the studio recording a new album. In August 2012 the band officially released their fifth studio album, . The band is now back on tour in support of their new release and so far the signs have led to them not stopping any time soon.