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Craig Ferguson Information

Known by most as the host of CBS’s Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson has actually taken on as many different career directions, including punk rock musician, film producer, screenwriter, actor and author. A Scottish native, Ferguson had been interested in comedy and the media his whole life. With his debut with the Craig Ferguson Show, broadcasted in the UK, Ferguson began his comedy career in character as fictional “Bing Hitler”, which helped to ease his nerves.

Now, a self-proclaimed workaholic, Ferguson goes on tour every one to two weeks and does standup comedy all over the U.S. His breakthrough role in the US was as Mr. Wick, the boss, on The Drew Carey Show. But when he wasn’t acting for that, he was helping to write and star in a number of films, the most recent being Nicholas Cage’s Kick-Ass. Ferguson also wrote Between the Bridge and the River, the first of what could be a trilogy he’s suggested, and the autobiographical American on Purpose.

Loved in Boston, Craig Ferguson has made a ritual of hosting the Boston Pops for the past three years. He’ll be at the Wilbur Theater Friday, July 2nd as part of his East Coast tour wrapping up at Carnegie Hall in NYC in October.