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Baltimore Ravens Information

The Baltimore Ravens franchise became part of the NFL in 1996. Although originally the Cleveland Browns, the Ravens were forced legally to enter the league as an expansion team. When owner Art Modell announced the decision to move the team to Baltimore, the city of Cleveland fought to keep the team name, colors, and previous history there. Cleveland officials said by 1999 they would once again have a team playing there. Art Modell had no choice but to comply and so began the Baltimore Ravens.

During the Raven's young tenure, they have made it to the playoffs five times and have one Super Bowl appearance and championship from 2000. Their playoff appearances include 2000, 2001, and 2003. The Super Bowl victory came in 2000 after defeating the Broncos, Titans, Raiders, and eventually the New York Giants to become kings of the NFL for a year.

Last season (2011) was the team's 16th season as a franchise. They finished with a 12-4 record and were placed first in the AFC North. This brought them to the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season. In the playoffs the Ravens beat the Houston Texans 20-13 but then lost to the New England Patriots 20-23. Key players for the Ravens right now are wide receiver Anquan Boldin, line backer Ray Lewish, defensive tackle Terrell Suggs and guard Marshal Yanda.