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Sun Apr 13

Bad Religion Information

The band founded in California by Jay Bentley, Greg Graffin, Brett Gurewitz and Jay Ziskrout in 1979, took on full force and gained widespread notoriety in 1982 with their full length release How Could Hell Be Any Worse? Citing the band’s influential sounds to be “pop sounding rock tunes that were not necessarily commercial”, Bad Religion so well epitomized this that they played an actual role in the revival of punk rock and inspiring several subsequent punk bands during the late 1980s.

Although the band currently features three out of the four original members, Bad Religion has had numerous lineup changes, Graffin being the only constant member. Their 1988 album Suffer has been cited by some critics as one of the most important punk rock albums of all time, although it did not receive commercial success upon release. The band is best known for their use of soaring three part vocal harmonies, wide vocabulary, and political or religious commentary.

Marking the 30 year legacy of Bad Religion, the band is currently on a worldwide tour, the beginning of which was documented for the collection 30 Years Live. Still, the punk legends show no sign of slowing down, and on September 28 will release their 15th studio album, and fourth consecutive studio LP for Epitaph, tentatively titled The Dissent of Man. The band is currently in Europe for a summer-long international tour before hitting Boston’s House of Blues on October 18th.