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Ani DiFranco is a prolific singer/songwriter/guitarist and feminist icon. She grew up in a family of folk loving parents and learned to play her favorite instrument, guitar, at the age of nine. She would busk in local Buffalo, NY bars as a child, covering Beatles songs with her guitar teacher. She has maintained a rather hectic touring schedule for the last fifteen years with small breaks in between to record. After creating her own record company at age eighteen, Righteous Babe Records, she has given herself an incredible amount of artistic freedom to do whatever she wanted and as often as she has wanted. She is most notably known for her distinct musical guitar playing style laced with staccato influences finger picking in numerous tunings to lyrics filled with supreme sophistication and alliteration. She has kept the practice of releasing at least one album a year for many years with the exception of 2000 where she took time off to deal with her developing tendonitis. She has also done a large number of musical collaborations where she has worked with such artists as Prince, folk singer Utah Phillips, and Maceo Parker.

In 1998, she saved the Asbury Methodist Church from closing and demolition by purchasing and restoring the church and converted it into a musical venue with a 1200 seat concert hall with a recording studio, now the home of Righteous Babe Records. Ani has packed joints like Carnegie Hall and amphitheatres worldwide and made appearances at a number of festivals including The FloydFest World Music Festival and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Ani's strong political views have set her aside from most in her "folk/punk jazz/groove" genre. Ani, openly admitting to being bisexual has over the years dedicated herself to a number of political grassroots cultural organizations, supporting causes varying from abortion rights to gay visibility. Ani has also received in July 2006, the National Organization for Women (NOW) "Woman of Courage Award". She is the first musician to receive the award that is given each year to a woman that has set herself apart by her contributions to the feminist movement.

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