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Alice Cooper Information

The founder of shock rock is will be taking to the road for the rest of the Fall this 2006. Born as Vincent Damon Furnier, the hard rock singer and musician started his musical career out as the band, Alice Cooper. They were heavily influenced by popular bands like Pink Floyd, The rolling Stones, The Who, the Kinks, The Beatles and most in particular, The Yardbirds. The name Alice Cooper was rumored by the press as being the result of one of Cooper's Ouija sessions after learning that Alice Cooper was the name of a witch and using the name would resurrect the reincarnation of the witch. It was soon stated by Cooper during an interview that the name came from thin air after conjuring up an image of a cute little girl with an axe behind her back. Cooper later adopted the name from the band after beginning his solo career.

Alice Cooper's reputation, album sales, and popularity lead to him receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003. The following year, Cooper began a radio show called Nights with Alice Cooper" that has aired in many different US cities. The program showcases classic rock with Alice's personal stories about his life as a rock icon, obscure rock history facts and interviews. Cooper also owns two rock and roll clubs/restaurants called "Alice Coopers'town" located in Phoenix, AZ and Cleveland OH.

In 2005, Alice Cooper released his 24th studio album, Dirty Diamonds, since 1994's Last Temptation, a concept album dealing with issues of faith reflecting Cooper's recent conversion to becoming a born again Christian. Dirty Diamonds is Cooper's highest ranking album, reaching #169 on Billboard's Top 200. Alice Cooper was also given the key to the city of Alice, North Dakota which is located approximately 50 miles from Fargo. On June 15, 2006, a campaign was started by 2 German fans on to get Alice Cooper inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The campaign was started in response to a column written by Creem writer and permanent Alice Cooper biographer, Jeffrey Morgan in the Metro Times Detroit. Alice Cooper is also an avid golfer. He practices up to six times a day at his home course in Phoenix, AZ. On August 26th-28th of this year, Cooper took part in a celebrity golf version of the Ryder Cup in South Wales, UK.