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Agganis Arena To Host SYTYCD Tour

Posted by Ace Staff on August 3rd, 2011

Boston’s Agganis Arena is set to welcome in the annual So You Think You Think You Can Dance Tour Tuesday, September 27th. This year’s top 10 finalists include Marko Germar, Tadd Gadduang, Ricky Jaime, Sasha Mallory, Caitlynn Lawson, Jess LeProtto, Mitchell Kelly, Jordan Casanova, Melanie Moore and Clarice Ordaz. (more)

So You Think You Can Dance 2010 Tour

Posted by Ace Staff on July 20th, 2010

The hit television dance competition “So You Think You Can Dance” will take its top contestants from 2010 on the road with a live U.S. tour following the season seven finale scheduled to take place mid-August. While Choreographer Mary Murphy stepped down from the judging panel for this season, Mia Michaels took her place alongside Nigel Lythgoe and Adam Shankman. Currently the competition is just heating up, with three competitors left in the running to be the winner. Still on the show are Billy Bell, Jose Ruiz and Ashley Galvan. Although they’ve been eliminated from the Top 11, Alexie Agdeppa, Cristina Santana, Melinda Sullivan, Alex Wong, Lauren Froderman, Robert Roldan, Kent Boyd, Adechike Torbert will all be join the finalists on the tour through the fall. This season some concepts of the show were varied for a more compelling “So You Think You Can Dance”. As the first season in high definition, season seven also marked the first season with live performance shows, like the result shows, doubling the pressure put on the dancers. This season the contestants could no longer choose their dance genre each week, but rather choose a partner, and dance in their partner’s specialized style. Finally the season was to be extended, with one dancer eliminated from the competition each week instead of two. Forty dates are booked for the upcoming outing, beginning September 19 at Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, LA. The coast-to-coast U.S. tour will run for two solid months before wrapping November 17 in Glendale, AZ. The tour will be visiting Boston University’s Agganis Arena on October 11th. This fall’s trek is just the latest for the televised dance competition, a follow up to the fall 2009 tour. This year’s venture will feature the season’s Top 11 dancers and hit about 40 major US cities.

So You Think You Can Dance Tour!

Posted by Ace Staff on August 6th, 2009

The annual So You Think You Can Dance Tour is set to kick off September 20th at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, NH.  The dancers will then perform at the Agganis Arena at Boston University on September 22nd.  (more)