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What Exactly is a Free Kick in the NFL?

Posted by Ace Staff on November 24th, 2008

On Sunday the Arizona Cardinals attempted something that had not been successfully pulled off since 1968 – a free kick field goal. Players, fans, coaches, and even the refs seemed to be confused about the specifics as it was occurring. Although rare, the free kick can be a useful way to parlay a bad punt into three fast points. A team may attempt a free kick after fielding a ball on a fair catch (even if the clock runs out during the kicking play). The kicker may not use a tee, and the defense must stay back ten yards from the line of scrimmage. Cards kicker Neil Rackers failed in his attempt, and the New York Giants finished the first half with a 17-12 lead (in a game they would ultimately win. New York Giants tickets are available for all games!

NFL Week 12 Results

Posted by Ace Staff on November 23rd, 2008

Matt Cassell is looking more like Tom Brady everyday as the Patriots won in impressive style over the Dolphins today. Check out the highlights from all of the week 12 NFL action below.   11/20/08 Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3) 27 Cincinnati Bengals (1-9-1) 10 – Roethlisberger and the Steelers had little trouble getting by the Bengals this week. At 8-3 the Steelers chances in the AFC look great. 11/23/08 New York Jets (8-3) 34 Tennessee Titans (10-1) 13 – The Jets continue to prove why they belong at the top of the AFC East.  Brett Favre had two TD’s as the Jets handed the Titans their first loss of the year. Chicago Bears (6-5) 27 St. Louis Rams (2-9) 3 – The Bears held their lead in the NFC North with a win over the Rams today. Houston Texans (4-7) 16 Cleveland Browns (4-7) 6- The Texans got the best of the Browns on Sunday. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-3) 38 Detroit Lions (0-11) 20 – Tampa Bay kept the Lions winless today and Jeff Garcia had two TD passes for the Bucs. Baltimore Ravens (7-4) 36 Philadelphia Eagles (5-5-1) 7 – The Eagles’ chances in the NFC East are fading as the Ravens got their seventh win. Minnesota Vikings (6-5) 30 Jacksonville Jaguars (4-7) 12 – The win put the Vikings over .500 on the year as they look to keep their playoff chances alive. Dallas Cowboys (7-4) 35 San Francisco 49ers (3-8) 22 – Tony Romo exploded for 341 yards and three TD passes as the Cowboys look to stay near the top of the NFC East. Buffalo Bills (6-5) 54 Kansas City Chiefs (1-10) 31 – The Bills picked on an inferior opponent in the Chiefs today. New England Patriots (7-4) 48 Miami Dolphins (6-5) 28 – Matt Cassell had another huge day with three TD passes on 415 passing yards as the Patriots prove they have what it takes to overcome injuries. New York Giants (10-1) 37 Arizona Cardinals (7-4) 29 – The Giants are making a strong bid at a repeat appearance in the Super Bowl.  Manning threw for three TD’s as the Giants won one on the road from a tough Cardinals team. Oakland Raiders (3-8) 31 Denver Broncos (6-5) 12 – The Raiders upset the Denver Broncos today getting just their 3rd win of the year. Atlanta Falcons (7-4) 45 Carolina Panthers (8-3) 28 – The Falcons came up big in a win over the Panthers.  Michael Turner ran for four TD’s for the Falcons. Washington Redskins (7-4) 20 Seattle Seahawks (2-9) 17 – The Redskins just got by the Seahawks today with a three point win over Seattle. Indianapolis Colts (7-4) 23 San Diego Chargers (4-7) 20 – The Colts won this one on an Adam Viniateri Field Goal with time expiring in the 4th quarter. More results later… NFL Week 1 Scores NFL Week 2 Scores NFL Week 3 Scores NFL Week 4 Scores NFL Week 5 Scores NFL Week 6 Scores NFL Week 7 Scores NFL Week 8 Scores  NFL Week 9 Scores  NFL Week 10 Scores  NFL Week 11 Scores  NFL Week 12 Scores NFL Week 13 Scores NFL Week 14 Scores  NFL Week 15 Scores

NFL Week 11 Results

Posted by Ace Staff on November 16th, 2008

The New York Jets and the New England Patriots got week 11 of NFL Football off to an exciting night on Thursday, with NY taking the win and 1st place in the AFC East with an OT win.   11/13/08 New York Jets (7-3) 34 New England Patriots (6-4) 31 – Despite a career day for Matt Cassell complete with fourth quarter comeback the Jets were the victors in OT as Favre and company took first place in the AFC East. 11/16/08 Miami Dolphins (6-4) 17 Oakland Raiders (2-8) 15 - Chad Pennington and the Dolphins just did squeeze out a two point win over the pitiful Oakland Raiders. New York Giants (9-1) 30 Baltimore Ravens (6-4) 10 - The Giants rushed for over 200 yards against one of the best rushing defenses in the NFL in the Baltimore Ravens.  The Giants are cruising at 9-1. Indianapolis Colts (6-4) 33 Houston Texans (3-7) 27 - Manning’s 320 yards and two TD passes was enough to put away the Texans as the Colts put themselves back in the playoff picture. Green Bay Packers (5-5) 37 Chicago Bears (5-5) 3 - The Packers win created a three way tie for first place in the NFC North with the Bears and the Vikings. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3) 19 Minnesota Vikings (5-5) 13 - Jeff Garcia threw for 255 yards in a winning effort for Tampa Bay today. Denver Broncos (6-4) 24 Atlanta Falcons (6-4) 20 - The Falcons’ fourth quater comeback bid fell short as the Broncos got their 6th win of the year. Carolina Panthers (8-2) 31 Detroit Lions (0-10) 22 - The Panthers weren’t going to let the lowly Lions stand in their way of their 8th win. The Lions still haven’t won a game. New Orleans Saints (5-5) 30 Kansas City Chiefs (1-9) 20 - Drew Brees had 266 passing yards as the Sainst got by the Chiefs today for their 5th win. Philadelphia Eagles (5-4-1) 13 Cincinnati Bengals (1-8-1) 13 - McNabb threw for 339 yards but couldn’t get the Eagles a win as Philly and the Bengals played the first tie of the NFL season. Tennessee Titans (10-0) 24 Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6) 14 - The Titans avoided an upset after trailing in the first half.  Collins’ three TD passes helped lead the Titans to their tenth victory. Arizona Cardinals (7-3) 26 Seattle Seahawks (2-8) 20 - Kurt Warner had another huge day throwing for 395 yards in the Cardinals win over Seattle. San Francisco 49ers (3-7) 35 St. Louis Rams (2-8) 16 - The 49ers were too much for the Rams on Sunday. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3) 11 San Diego Chargers (4-6) 10 - The Steelers were able to edge out the Chargers in a snowy game at Pittsburgh today. Dallas Cowboys (6-4) 14 Washington Redskins (6-4) 10 - Tony Romo enjoyed his first game back from injury with a win over the Redskins. Monday Night Football 11/17 Cleveland Browns (4-6) 29 Buffalo Bills (5-5) 27 NFL Week 1 Scores NFL Week 2 Scores NFL Week 3 Scores NFL Week 4 Scores NFL Week 5 Scores NFL Week 6 Scores NFL Week 7 Scores NFL Week 8 Scores  NFL Week 9 Scores  NFL Week 10 Scores  NFL Week 11 Scores NFL Week 12 Scores  NFL Week 13 Scores NFL Week 14 Scores  NFL Week 15 Scores

NFL Week 10 Results

Posted by Ace Staff on November 9th, 2008

The New York Jets and New England Patriots both won on Sunday, setting up a battle of 6-3 teams with 1st place in the AFC East at stake. They’ll meet on Thursday night. 11/9/08  New England Patriots  (6-3) 20 Buffalo Bills (5-4) 10 – Matt Cassell had a fine day with 234 passing yards leading the Patriots past the division rival Bills. Denver Broncos (5-4) 34 Cleveland Browns (3-6) 30 – Cutler had a huge day, throwing three TD’s on 447 passing yards. The win put the Broncos over .500 on the year. New York Jets (6-3) 47 St. Louis Rams(2-7) 3 – Thomas Jones led the Jets with three TD’s on 149 rushing yards.  Favre added 167 passing yards and one TD as the Jets cruised over the Rams today. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-5) 38 Detroit Lions (0-9) 14 - Garrard led the Jaguars with 238 passing yards and two TD’s. The Lions remain winless and pathetic at 0-9. Baltimore Ravens (6-3) 41 Houston Texans (3-6) 13 – Joe Flacco threw for 185 yards and two TD passes leading the Ravens over the Texans today. Miami Dolphins (5-4) 21 Seattle Seahawks(2-7) 19 - Chad Pennington had 209 passing yards and a TD and the Dolphins got past the .500 mark. Tennessee Titans (9-0) 21 Chicago Bears (5-4) 14 - Kerry Collins and the Titans continued their unlikely win streak beating the Bears to go 9-0 on the year. Atlanta Falcons (6-3) 34 New Orleans Saints (4-5) 20 – Despite over 400 passing yards, Drew Brees was unable to beat the Falcons today. Matt Ryan had two TD passes. Minnesota Vikings (5-4) 28 Green Bay Packers (4-5) 27 – The Vikings gained a one game advantage over the Packers in the NFC North while keeping even with the Chicago Bears. Indianapolis Colts (5-4) 24 Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3) 20 – Peyton Manning threw three TD’s on 240 yards passing outdueling the Steelers’ Roethlisberger for the win. Carolina Panthers (7-2) 17 Oakland Raiders (2-7) 6 – The Panthers’ win today gave them the lead in the NFC South by one game over the Tampa Bay Bucs. San Diego Chargers (4-5) 20 Kansas City Chiefs (1-8) 19 – Philip Rivers had 316 passing yards and two Touchdowns to just barely beat the woeful Chiefs. New York Giants (8-1) 36 Philadelphia Eagles (5-4) 31 - The Giants look determined to get back to the Super Bowl. They got a big win over the Eagles in Philadelphia on Sunday night to get their 8th win of the year. Monday Night Football 11/10 Arizona Cardinals (6-3) 29 San Francisco 49ers (2-7) 24 - Kurt Warner continues to dazzle defenses.  He threw for 328 yards and 3 TD’s in a nother Cardinals win. NFL Week 1 Scores NFL Week 2 Scores NFL Week 3 Scores NFL Week 4 Scores NFL Week 5 Scores NFL Week 6 Scores NFL Week 7 Scores NFL Week 8 Scores  NFL Week 9 Scores NFL Week 10 Scores NFL Week 11 Scores  NFL Week 12 Scores  NFL Week 13 Scores NFL Week 14 Scores  NFL Week 15 Scores

Giants Stand Alone at Top of NFC East

Posted by Ace Staff on November 4th, 2008

After Sunday’s convincing win over the Dallas Cowboys the New York Giants stand alone in first place in the NFC East. The 35-14 victory put the Giants at 7-1 on the year. The Redskins’ loss on Monday night put Washington 2 games behind in the loss column. The Giants are by no means in the clear for winning the division however. They have four NFC East matchups remaining in the 2nd half of the year. They will play the Eagles twice and the Redskins and Cowboys once more. While many expected the Giants to get back to the playoffs this year, few expected them to stand at 7-1 at the midway point. The Giants have won with both offense and defense. They have the most points for in the NFC East with 226 while giving up the fewest points against with 129. The Giants will be at Philadelphia on 11/9 to play the Eagles. New York Giants tickets are available for all remaining games.

NFL Week 9 Results

Posted by Ace Staff on November 2nd, 2008

Division races are getting tight as teams fight for playoff positioning. The AFC East is getting crowded with the Patriots, Bills and Jets fighting for the top spot. 11/2/08  Indianapolis Colts (4-4) 18 New England Patriots (5-3) 15 – Things are getting real interesting in the crowded AFC East as the Patriots failed to grab the win they needed to retain 1st place in their division. The Colts are trying to re-establish their game to avoid missing the playoffs. Cincinnati Bengals (1-8) 21 Jacksonville Jaguars (3-5) 19 – The Bengals won’t go winless afterall. They barely got past the Jaguars on Sunday for their 1st win. Baltimore Ravens (5-3) 37 Cleveland Browns (3-5) 27 – Flacco threw two TD’s and 248 yards in leading the Ravens against the Browns. Minnesota Vikings (4-4) 28 Houston Texans (3-5) 21 – The Vikings got back to .500 today with their seven point win over the Texans. New York Jets (5-3) 26 Buffalo Bills (5-3) 17 – The Jets got a crucial win the AFC East today with a big win over the Buffalo Bills. Tampa Bay Bucs (6-3) 30 Kansas City Chiefs (1-7) 27 – Jeff Garcia had 339 passing yards and a TD as the Bucs bested the Chiefs by a field goal. Chicago Bears (5-3) 27 Detroit Lions (0-8) 23 - The Bears kept the Lions winless while picking up their fifth win in the process. Tennessee Titans (8-0) 19 Green Bay Packers (4-4) 16 – Despite 314 passing yards, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers couldn’t get past the undefeated Titans. Arizona Cardinals (5-3) 34 St. Louis Rams (2-6) 13 – Kurt Warner threw for 342 yards and two touchdowns today, leading the Cardinals over the Rams. New York Giants (7-1) 35 Dallas Cowboys (5-4) 14 – The Cowboys continue to struggle without Tony Romo, while Eli Manning and the Giants continue to create space for themselves in the NFC East. Atlanta Falcons (5-3) 24 Oakland Raiders (2-6) 0 – Matt Ryan threw for two TD’s and the Falcons defense shut down the Raiders for the shutout. Miami Dolphins (4-4) 26 Denver Broncos (4-4) 17 – Chad Pennington threw for 281 yards as the Dolphins improved to 4-4 on the year. Philadelphia Eagles (5-3) 26 Seattle Seahawks (2-6) 7 – McNabb had a huge passing day for the Eagles with 349 yards as the Eagles took care of the Seahawks on Sunday. Monday Night Football 11/3/08 Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2) 23 Washington Redskins (6-3) 6 - The Steelers shut down the Redskins offense en route to their 6th win on the year. NFL Week 1 Scores NFL Week 2 Scores NFL Week 3 Scores NFL Week 4 Scores NFL Week 5 Scores NFL Week 6 Scores NFL Week 7 Scores NFL Week 8 Scores  NFL Week 9 Scores  NFL Week 10 Scores  NFL Week 11 Scores  NFL Week 12 Scores  NFL Week 13 Scores NFL Week 14 Scores  NFL Week 15 Scores

NFL Week 8 Results

Posted by Ace Staff on October 26th, 2008

Halfway through 2008 NFL season last year’s Super Bowl contenders are both headed in the right direction. The New England Patriots won for the 2nd week in a row while the New York Giants improved to 6-1 with a big win in Pittsburgh. Meanwhile the Titans remain undefeated with seven wins on the year. 10/26/08 Carolina Panthers (6-2) 27 Arizona Cardinals (4-3) 23 – Kurt Warner outpassed Jake Delhomme but it was the Panthers who came away with the win improving to 6-2. Baltimore Ravens (4-3) 29 Oakland Raiders (2-5) 10 – The Ravens got the best of the Raiders today going one game over .500. Philadelphia Eagles (4-3) 27 Altanta Falcons (4-3) 14 – Westbrook had two rushing TD’s and led the Eagles past Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Washington Redskins (6-2) 25 Detroit Lions (0-7) 17 – QB Campbell threw for 328 yards as the Redskins had no trouble handing the Lions their 7th loss of the year. Miami Dolphins (3-4) 25 Buffalo Bills (5-2) 16 – The Dolphins handed the Bills only their 2nd loss on the year behind 314 passing yards by Chad Pennington. Dallas Cowboys (5-3) 13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-3) 9 – The Cowboys got away with a win without QB Tony Romo in an offensively challenged matchup with the Bucs today. New England Patriots  (5-2) 23 St. Louis Rams (2-5) 16 – The Patriots won for the 2nd game in a row improving to 5-2. New York Jets (4-3) 28 Kansas City Chiefs (1-6) 24 – Brett Favre threw for 290 yards and two TD’s getting the Jets over .500 while the Chiefs sank to 1-6. New Orleans Saints (4-4) 37 San Diego Chargers (3-5) 32 – Drew Brees’ three TD passes led the Saints over the Chargers by a slim margin on Sunday. Cleveland Browns (3-4) 23 Jacksonville Jaguars (3-4) 17 – Anderson had 246 passing yards in leading the Browns over Jacksonville today. Houston Texans (3-4) 35 Cincinnati Bengals (0-8) 6 – The Bengals are making a strong case for a winless season. They looked hopeless against a mediocre Texans team. Seattle Seahawks (2-5) 34 San Francisco 49ers (2-6) 13 – The Seahawks bested the 49ers handily on Sunday. New York Giants (6-1) 21 Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2) 14 - The Giants put up 12 points in the 4th quarter including a safety to overcome the Steelers today. Monday Night Football 10/27/08 Tennessee Titans (7-0) 31 vs Indianapolis Colts (3-4) 21 – The Titans looked like a team on a mission on Monday night as they kept the pressure on Peyton Manning and the Colts forcing two interceptions en route to a 31-21 win. NFL Week 1 Scores NFL Week 2 Scores NFL Week 3 Scores NFL Week 4 Scores NFL Week 5 Scores NFL Week 6 Scores NFL Week 7 Scores NFL Week 8 Scores  NFL Week 9 Scores  NFL Week 10 Scores  NFL Week 11 Scores  NFL Week 12 Scores  NFL Week 13 Scores NFL Week 14 Scores  NFL Week 15 Scores

Giants Go 6-1; Manning Completes Comeback

Posted by Ace Staff on October 26th, 2008

Almost halfway through their 2008 season the defending Super Bowl Champion, New York Giants are looking like a team intent on getting back to the big game. The Giants completed a comeback against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday to improve to 6-1. That record is good for first place in the NFC East. Good news for the Giants who will face two East rivals in the next two weeks in the Cowboys and the Eagles. Down 14-9 in the fourth quarter the Giants relied on a little luck and Manning’s arm to complete a 12 point comeback. With a backup snapper in the game the Steelers snapped the ball into the endzone on a punt attempt resulting in a safety and possession for the Giants. Eli Manning led the Giants down the field completing the drive with a TD pass to Kevin Boss. The Giants held their 21-14 lead for the eventual win. The Giants will host the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday 11/2. Giants tickets still available for this and all 2008 games at Giants Stadium.

NFL Week 7 Results

Posted by Ace Staff on October 19th, 2008

We’re almost at the halfway point of the NFL season. Don’t miss the action in your area. Ace has great NFL tickets for all teams. 10/19/08 New York Giants (5-1) 29 San Francisco 49ers (2-5) 17 – Jacobs rushed for two TDs as the Giants bounced back from last Monday night’s loss. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1) 38 Cincinnati Bengals (0-7) 10 – The Bengals still can’t put together a winning effort. Steelers vs Giants should be a great matchup of 5-1 on 10/26. Carolina Panthers (5-2) 30 New Orleans Saints (3-4) 7 – Delhomme led the Panthers over the Saints with two touchdown passes. St. Louis Rams  (2-4) 34 Dallas Cowboys (4-3) 14 – The Rams shocked another NFC East contender on Sunday as the Cowboys lost in their first game with injured QB Tony Romo. Tennessee Titans (6-0) 34 Kansas City Chiefs (1-5) 10 – The Titans are going strong at 6-0 while the Chiefs continue their struggles. Green Bay Packers (4-3) 34 Indianapolis Colts (3-3) 14 – Rodgers outgunned Manning and the Colts to get the Packers above .500. Baltimore Ravens (3-3) 27 Miami Dolphins (2-4) 13 – The Ravens were too much for the Dolphins today. Chicago Bears (4-3) 48 Minnesota Vikings (3-4) 41 – Orton and the Bears won the shootout with the Vikings which included two TDs by the Bears QB. Buffalo Bills (5-1) 23 San Diego Chargers (3-4) 14 – The Bills continued to impress with their 5th win on the season. Oakland Raiders (2-4) 16 New York Jets (3-3) 13 – The Raiders surprised the Jets with an overtime win on Sunday. Houston Texans (2-4) 28 Detroit Lions (0-6) 21 – The Lions lost the battle of who’s worse today as the Texans got their 2nd win of the year. Washington Redskins (5-2) 14 Cleveland Browns (2-4) 11 – The Redskins remain a force in the NFC East with 5 wins while the Browns dropped their 4th game. Tampa Bay Bucs 20 (5-2) vs Seattle Seahawks 10 (1-5) -  The Bucs looked good in their Sunday night win over the Seattle Seahawks. Monday Night Football 10/20/08 New England Patriots (4-2) 41 vs Denver Broncos (4-3) 7 – No that wasn’t Tom Brady throwing the ball on Monday night. Matt Cassell finally looked like a Patriots QB throwing 2 TD’s to Randy Moss in a rout of the Denver Broncos. NFL Week 1 Scores NFL Week 2 Scores NFL Week 3 Scores NFL Week 4 Scores NFL Week 5 Scores NFL Week 6 Scores NFL Week 7 Scores NFL Week 8 Scores  NFL Week 9 Scores  NFL Week 10 Scores  NFL Week 11 Scores  NFL Week 12 Scores  NFL Week 13 Scores NFL Week 14 Scores  NFL Week 15 Scores

NFL Week 5 Results

Posted by Ace Staff on October 5th, 2008

The fifth week of NFL play was one of the best yet. Both the New York Giants and Titans remained undefeated while the Bills dropped their first game of the year. 10/5/08 Kansas City Chiefs (1-4) 0 Carolina Panthers (4-1) 34 – The Panthers shut out the Chiefs while Delhomme threw for two touchdowns and 236  yards. Chicago Bears (3-2) 34 Detroit Lions (0-4) 7 – Its not getting any easier for the Lions. The Bears got over .500 with a nice win. Miami Dolphins (2-2) 17 San Diego Chargers (2-3) 10 – Pennington led the Dolphins to a win with 228 passing yards. Washington Redskins (4-1) 23 Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) 17 – The Redskins continued their recent surge with another big win in the NFC East. McNabb was held to only 196 yards with no TD passes. Atlanta Falcons (3-2) 27 Green Bay Packers (2-3) 24 – Despite a 313 yard, two touchdown pass day, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers were unable to get past the Falcons. Tennessee Titans (5-0) 13 Baltimore Ravens (2-2) 10 – The Titans remained undefeated after holding Baltimore to just 10 points this Sunday. Indianapolis Colts (2-2) 31 Houston Texans (0-4) 27 – The Texans were so close to their first win and a huge upset before Manning led the Colts on an unbelievable 3 touchdown spurt with just over 2 minutes left in the game. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2) 13 Denver Broncos (4-1) 16 – Cutler’s 227 passing yards were all the Broncos needed to beat Tampa. Arizona Cardinals (3-2) 41 Buffalo Bills (4-1) 17 – The Bills were finally beaten today and badly at that.  Warner led the Cardinals to a rout with two TDs and 250 passing yards. New York Giants (4-0) 44 Seattle Seahawks (1-3) 6 – The Giants were great all around in their big win over the Seahawks at Giants Stadium. The G-Men are still undefeated. Dallas Cowboys (4-1) 31 Cincinatti Bengals (0-5) 22 – The Cowboys bounced back from last week’s upset to keep the Bengals winless. New England Patriots (3-1) 30 San Francisco 49ers (2-3) 21 – The Patriots were back in stride with a much needed win in San Fran. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1) 26 Jacksonville Jaguars (2-3) 21 - The Steeler improved their record on Sunday night with a close win over the Jaguars. Monday Night Football 10/6/08 Minnesota Vikings (2-3) 30 vs New Orleans Saints (2-3) 27 – The Vikings edged out the injury plagued Saints on Monday night with a 4th Quarter field goal in the final 20 seconds. NFL Week 1 Scores NFL Week 2 Scores NFL Week 3 Scores NFL Week 4 Scores NFL Week 5 Scores NFL Week 6 Scores NFL Week 7 Scores NFL Week 8 Scores  NFL Week 9 Scores  NFL Week 10 Scores  NFL Week 11 Scores  NFL Week 12 Scores  NFL Week 13 Scores NFL Week 14 Scores  NFL Week 15 Scores