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NFL Preseason Week 4 Recap

Posted by Ace Staff on September 8th, 2009

This week marked the final preseason match-ups for 2009, meaning the official NFL regular season is just around the corner!  Teams are really at the point where they have to make final cuts and shape up their rosters.  The first regular season game for this year will take place at Heinz field, when the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Tennessee Titans.  Check for week 4 scores Below! NFL Regular Season Tickets Thursday, September 3rd, 2009 Detroit Lions 17, Buffalo Bills 6 – Detroit scored 10 points in the last quarter to come away with the win at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Philadelphia Eagles 27, New York Jets 38 – Rookie QB Mark Sanchez threw for 67 yards with a TD as the Jets went on to come back against Philadelphia. New York Giants 27, New England Patriots 38 – The Giants jumped out to a quick 21-0 lead after the first, but the Pats gained momentum after a 14 point second quarter and racked up 24 in the second half. Jacksonville Jaguars 24, Washington Redskins 17 – The Redskins scored 14 points in the final quarter, but it wasn’t enough to catch up to the Jaguars who dominated early on. Baltimore Ravens 20, Atlanta Falcons 3 – The Baltimore defense did all the work this game, allowing just one field goal in the second. Cincinnati Bengals 38, Indianapolis Colts 7 – The Colts started the game off with a TD but were not able to put any offense together from there. Pittsburgh Steelers 21, Carolina Panthers 10 – Steelers RB Isaac Redman ran for 79 yard with a TD in his 12 carries. Miami Dolphins 10, New Orleans Saints 7 – New Orleans attempted some end of game heroics with a final TD in the 4th quarter, but Miami held on to win by three. Chicago Bears 26, Cleveland Browns 23 – Robbie Gould knocked two field goals in the final quarter for the Bears to take this one. Tennessee Titans 27, Green Bay Packers 13 – The Tennessee Titans put Green Bay away early on with 20 first half points. St. Louis Rams 17, Kansas City Chiefs 9 – The Chiefs had the lead until the third quarter when St. Louis took control with a TD. Denver Broncos 19, Arizona Cardinals 0 – The Broncos defense really came up big in this shut out at Invesco Field at Mile High. Seattle Seahawks 31, Oakland Raiders 21 – The Raiders surged back with 2 TD’s in the 4th but the Seahawks still remained up 10. Friday, September 4th, 2009 Houston Texans 27, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20 – QB Rex Grossman led Houston with 197 yards and two TD’s. Dallas Cowboys 35, Minnesota Vikings 31 – Dallas scored 28-35 points in the second half to come back and win.

San Diego Chargers 26, San Francisco 49ers 7 – San Francisco struggled with their offense all game, scoring just one TD in the second quarter.

Rookie QB Hoyer Leads Patriots Over Giants

Posted by Ace Staff on September 4th, 2009

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick decided to give all the snaps to undrafted rookie Brian Hoyer yesterday against the New York Giants, leaving starter Tom Brady and other back up option Andrew Walter to watch from the sidelines.  The result turned out better than expected as Hoyer racked up 242 yards from 18 of 25 passes with no interceptions, leading the Patriots past a 21 point first quarter deficit to win 38-27.  “Not bad,” said Belichick. “He handled the ball fairly well, threw it accurately.” The Giants gained the initial lead with an opening drive touchdown led by franchise quarterback Eli Manning. From there David Carr took over and handled the next three series for New York.  “I think everyone is ready for the season to get going and start playing for real,” said Manning. Although New York’s giant first quarter seemed impressive, the only first string Patriots player the two experienced QB’s saw on the defensive end was outside linebacker Pierre Woods.  The Patriots and other NFL teams are hungry to get the regular season underway.  New England will start their official 2009 campaign against the Buffalo Bills on September 14th at Gillette Stadium. Get your New England Patriots tickets right here with us at!

New England to Wrap Up Preseason vs. Giants

Posted by Ace Staff on September 1st, 2009

The New England Patriots are preparing to host the New York Giants this Thursday, September 3rd at 7:30 pm.  So far the Pats have played well early on with a 2-1 preseason record.  The Tom Brady/Randy Moss combination seems to be back in full effect along with a strong defensive nucleus.  This game will mark the fifth consecutive year that the Patriots have squared off against New York before the regular season.  The Giants hold a 1-2 preseason record that includes their thrilling 27-24 victory over the Washington Redskins.  It is questionable whether certain starters will get the call to play, knowing official games start in just a week.  After Brady was tackled and fell awkwardly on his shoulder against the Washington Redskins, there has been speculation about how healthy he really is.  “Look, we played a physical game against a very physical team…Short-handed game, a lot of guys with bumps and bruises…a lot of guys who played in the game would fall into that category,” said head coach Bill Belichick. “That’s pretty normal after a game like that.” After Thursday the Pats will look to kick off the regular season in Gillette Stadium verses the Buffalo Bills on September 14th. New England Patriots tickets are now available!

Patriots Veteran LB Tedy Bruschi to Retire

Posted by Ace Staff on August 31st, 2009

Tedy Bruschi, longtime leader of the New England Patriots has recently decided to retire after 13 hard fought seasons and three Patriots Super Bowls. ” Being a Patriot my entire career is something I’m very proud of,” said Bruschi. “There is a sign when you come into this facility that says ‘Do Your Job’. I did my job for 13 years. Now my job is done. My job is done. I’m looking forward to living the rest of my life.” Bruschi was a definite stand-out player and leader for New England, as he was one of the major components to the teams streak of success this past decade.  The last Super Bowl the Patriots and Bruschi won was in 2005 against the Philadelphia Eagles.  Ten days later he was hospitalized after experiencing numbness in his left arm, left leg and blurry vision and was diagnosed with a mild stroke.  Bruschi’s NFL career was nothing short of remarkable knowing he was able to fight back and return to the team after the extremely unfortunate occurrence.    Quarterback Tom Brady showed very high praise for his teammate, saying “I think Tedy, it’s all those things. You can’t put Tedy Bruschi into a box. That’s one thing about Tedy. Tedy is a wonderful man, he’s a wonderful person. He’s a wonderful father and husband, and he set an example from the day that I got here on what it means to be a professional athlete and what it means to play for the New England Patriots.” The Patriots have one last preseason game against the New York Giants before kicking off the regular season in Foxboro verses the Buffalo Bills on September 14th. New England Patriots tickets are available now!

NFL Preseason Week 3 Recap

Posted by Ace Staff on August 31st, 2009

Week 3 preseason scores are all set in stone, aside from the Houston Texans Minnesota Vikings Monday night showdown tonight at Reliant Stadium.  Teams will have one more week of preseason games before opening day, when the focus will be turned to winning and not developing.  For now players still have time to fight for their positions whether it is for starting QB or making the cut for special teams units. Week 3 Scores Thursday, August 27, 2009 Jacksonville Jaguars 32, Philadelphia Eagles 33 – Michael Vick made his debut in an Eagles uniform and completed four out of four passes for 19 yards, as Philadelphia managed to squeeze out a victory against the Jaguars.  St. Louis Rams 24, Cincinnati Bengals 21 – The Bengals were able to earn a touchdown in the fourth quarter, but it wasn’t enough for a comeback as they still fell short by three. Miami Dolphins 10, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6 - Miami rallied in the 3rd quarter and scored a touchdown to take the lead, holding the Buccaneers to 0 second half points. Friday, August 28, 2009 New England Patriots 27, Washington Redskins 24 – Tom Brady completed 12 out of 19 passes for 150 yards and two TD’s to help New England pull out a win against the Redskins.  Both touchdown passes went to star wide-out Randy Moss. Green Bay Packers 44, Arizona Cardinals 37 – Green Bay scored 28 second quarter points to come out with the victory in this offensive showcase. Saturday, August 29th, 2009 Indianapolis Colts 17, Detroit Lions 18 – The Lions edged out a win by 1 after completing the go-ahead two point conversion in the fourth.  Matt Stafford threw for 160 yards from 13 completed passes.  New Orleans Saints 45, Oakland Raiders 7 – The Saints scored 31 points in the first half and coasted from there, surrendering just one Raiders TD in the fourth quarter. Pittsburgh Steelers 17, Buffalo Bills 0 – The Steelers scored all 17 points in the second quarter as their defense put up a wall against the Bills offense. Cleveland Browns 23, Tennessee Titans 17 – Cleveland put up 17 third quarter points to rally back and win by six.  New York Jets 27, New York Giants 25 – The Jets were able to best the Giants this time around at Giants Stadium in New York. Seattle Seahawks 14, Kansas City Chiefs 10 – Matt Hasselbeck led Seattle to victory, throwing for 216 yards and two touchdowns. San Diego Chargers 24, Atlanta Falcons 27 – Atlanta posted 14 points in the last quarter to pull ahead by three. Baltimore Ravens 17, Carolina Panthers 13 – Carolina rallied back with 10 points in the fourth but ran out of opportunities to find the end zone one last time. San Francisco 49ers 20, Dallas Cowboys 13 – The 49ers out-dueled the Cowboys in Dallas with two touchdowns and a field goal in the second half. Saturday, August 30th, 2009 Chicago Bears 27, Denver Broncos 17 – The Bears notched the win with 14 second quarter points and relied strongly on their defense from there.

NFL Preseason Week 2 Recap

Posted by Ace Staff on August 24th, 2009

All NFL preseason games for this week have wrapped up except for the featured Monday night game, where the Baltimore Ravens will take on the New York Jets at M&T Stadium.  Look for all game results to be posted each week right here at! Week 2 Scores Thursday, August 20, 2009 New England Patriots 6, Cincinnati Bengals 7 – Chad Ochocinco caught and kicked Cincinnati past the Patriots with 69 receiving yards on top of a completed extra point field-goal. Philadelphia Eagles 15, Indianapolis Colts 23 – Peyton Manning completed 10 out of 14 passes thrown with 167 yards, leading his team to score two touchdowns in the first quarter. Friday, August 21, 2009 Dallas Cowboys 30, Tennessee Titans 10 – Dallas QB Tony Romo led his squad by Tennessee with almost 200 passing yards on 18 completed passes. Minnesota Vikings 17, Kansas City Chiefs 13 – Brett Favre’s QB competition Tavaris Jackson completed 12 out of 15 passes for 202 yards.  The Vikings won through their second half production, scoring 10 out of their 17 total points in the last two quarters. Atlanta Falcons 20, St. Louis Rams 13 – The Falcons scored 14 of their 20 total points in the first quarter and held the lead from there.  QB Matt Ryan threw 7-for-8 with 81 yards. Saturday, August 22, 2009 Cleveland Browns 27, Detroit Lions 10 – Cleveland put up 20 points in the first quarter at their home stadium, doubling the amount Detroit could score all game. Washington Redskins 17, Pittsburgh Steelers 13 – The Redskins scored a last quarter TD to take this one by just four points. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24, Jacksonville Jaguars 23 – The Jaguars were able to complete a clutch drive for a touchdown with two minutes remaining, but could not add on the attempted two-point conversion. Miami Dolphins 27, Carolina Panthers 17 – Dolphins QB Chad Pennington threw for 105 yards as Miami cruised by the Panthers at Land Shark Stadium. Chicago Bears 17, New York Giants 3 – The Bears were able to score 10 first quarter points and shut down New York aside from a field goal in the second. New Orleans Saints 38, Houston Texans 14 – The Saints posted at least a touchdown each quarter, leading to a blowout victory in Houston. San Francisco 49ers 21, Oakland Raiders 20 – San Francisco came back and scored 18 of their 21 points in the final quarter to edge out the Raiders by 1. San Diego Chargers 17, Arizona Cardinals 6 – Arizona was held to just two field goals in the first and third quarters and no touchdowns. Seattle Seahawks 27, Denver Broncos 13 – Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck racked up 171 yards on 16 passes completed. Buffalo Bills 21, Green Bay Packers 31 – Buffalo produced 14 fourth quarter points, but it wasn’t enough to catch up to Green Bay at Lambeau field.

Aaron Maybin, Bills Agree to Deal

Posted by Ace Staff on August 21st, 2009

Defensive end Aaron Maybin this afternoon has agreed to a 5-year $25 million deal with the Buffalo Bills after missing all of training camp.  The former Penn State All-American led the Big Ten with 12 sacks last season in his thirteen games played.  Buffalo will rely heavily on Maybin to make immediate contributions after finishing their 2008-2009 campaign with just 24 sacks as a team.  His agent Chafie Fields told The Associated Press: “Aaron’s happy to be here and ready to go to work.” The Maybin deal leaves two unsigned first round picks; offensive tackle Andre Smith and wide receiver Michael Crabtree, who has informed the San Francisco 49ers organization that he’ll be willing to sit out the entire season if he doesn’t receive an adequate offer.  The Buffalo Bills have two more preseason games against the Green Bay Packers and the defending Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers before the regular season kicks off.  Week one has the Bills scheduled to take on the New England Patriots September 14th at Gillette Stadium. Buffalo Bills tickets are available now!

Ochocinco Kicks Bengals Past New England

Posted by Ace Staff on August 21st, 2009

Chad Ochocinco made the highlight reels last night after showcasing his new found talents with the special teams unit.  Late in the second quarter after a Cincinnati touchdown, he took the field as the kicker and knocked it right down main street to give the Bengals the point they needed to win 7-6.  Another surprise came soon after when he kicked off to the 10 yard line following his field goal. ” ‘Esteban’ Ochocinco is back, the most interesting footballer in the world,” said Ochocinco. “Everyone has to remember, I’ve always said that soccer is my number 1 sport.  I think Ronaldinho would be proud of me right now.” All of the game action was supplied in the first half, knowing both teams were unable to put up any points in either of the remaining quarters. Tom Brady made his second appearance of the year and provided some solid play for the Patriots.  He completed four passes for 57 yards in his short time out on the field.  The real test passed when Brady was hit hard in two out of the 13 snaps he took.  Both times he fell to the ground he was able to hop right up, ensuring the fact that his knee is 100 percent ready for the season ahead. New England is set for two more preseason games against the Washington Redskins and New York Giants, before hosting the Buffalo Bills on September 14th for their regular season opener at Gillette Stadium. New England Patriots tickets for the 2009-2010 regular season are now available!

Patriots, Bengals Preview

Posted by Ace Staff on August 20th, 2009

The New England Patriots will host the Cincinnati Bengals tonight at 7:30 for their 2009 preseason home opener at Gillette Stadium.  Quarterback Tom Brady will make his second start after his season ending knee surgery last year.  This past week against the Eagles, Brady threw for two touchdown passes and 100 yards.  As Brady takes the field tonight, Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer will still be sidelined from battling an arm and ankle injury last season.  He has been wearing a protective boot and reportedly has been taking snaps again in training camp.  Palmer is quite eager to make a return to the gridiron, saying “It’s just hard to be in training camp but not practice. It’s the best part of the day,” he said. “I just want to be out there practicing and getting better.” Brady is at a different stage of recovery, knowing he is putting his knee right back out into the field of play. “We like it when Brady just gets to stand there, throw the ball, and he just watches the receivers…We want him just to stand there and hang out.” Pats guard Logan Mankins said. “I don’t know whose guy it’s going to be, but eventually (Brady’s) going to get drilled.”  Brady and the Patriots are still waiting on that initial hit to the legs to really test out if he is 100% okay. Tickets for 2009-2010 New England Patriots regular season games are available now!

NFL Preseason Week 1

Posted by Ace Staff on August 18th, 2009

NFL coaches and players are more than ready to get the 2009-2010 regular season underway.  Every team has now officially scrimmaged against other opponents, serving as a first test to see what is in store for the upcoming year.  Starters were familiarizing themselves with the rotations as rookies were trying to make an immediate impact when called upon.  All in all, excitement is in the air for NFL Football to be aired again each Sunday. Week 1 Scores Thursday, August 13, 2009 New England Patriots 27, Philadelphia Eagles 25 – Tom Brady returned as starting quarterback for New England and seemed to be fully recovered. The Patriots starters handled the Eagles in the first half 21-6, but after a third quarter Eagles comeback New England only won by 2. Baltimore Ravens 23, Washington Redskins 0 – Baltimore was able to pull away in the second quarter and the Redskins never made up any ground from there, resulting in an opening round shutout. Pittsburgh Steelers 20, Arizona Cardinals 10 – The Super Bowl rematch caused for a defensive battle until the fourth quarter, when Pittsburg racked up 17 points to seal the deal. Dallas Cowboys 10, Oakland Raiders 31 – The Raiders scored 14 points in the third quarter to make the game out of reach for the Cowboys. Friday, August 14, 2009 St. Louis Rams 23, New York Jets 20 – The Rams were able to swap a field goal for a touchdown in the third quarter and hold on from there. Minnesota Vikings 13,Indianappolis Colts 3 – The Vikings went up 13-3 at the half, followed by a slow paced final two quarters with no points scored from either team. Cincinnati Bengals 7, New Orleans Saints 17 – QB Carson Palmer threw 7-11 with 133 yards, despite the Bengals minimal offensive production as a whole. Denver Broncos 16, San Francisco 49ers 17 – The Denver Broncos scored all 16 points in the second half, including a touchdown with two minutes remaining.  They went for the two point conversation in an attempt to take the lead, but the call backfired. Saturday, August 15,2009 Atlanta Falcons 26, Detroit Lions 27 – the 2008-2009 0-16 Lions were able to notch their first win in quite some time after scoring 10 points in the final quarter to win by 1. Chicago Bears 20, Buffalo Bills 27 – The Bills earned two touchdowns to Chicago’s one in the fourth quarter to win by 7. Cleveland Browns 0, Green Bay Packers 17 – Packers QB Aaron Rodgers threw for 102 yards in 5 completions as his defense shut down the Browns entirely. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20, Tennessee Titans 27 – The Titans scored 21 second half points to win by a touchdown.  QB Vince Young went 9-14 with 131 yards.  Houston Texans 16, Kansas City Chiefs 10 – The Texans were able to score 13 out of 16 in the first half in this defensive battle. Seattle Seahawks 20, San Diego Chargers 14 – The Chargers scored a TD late down the stretch, but time would not allow a fourth quarter comeback. Monday, August 17, 2009 Jacksonville Jaguars 9, Miami Dolphins 12 – Miami came up with a small lead in the third quarter, and no offensive production was created by either team from there. New York Giants 24, Carolina Panthers 17 – New York forced a turnover and ran it in for a touchdown as the final seconds ticked down, concluding a truly thrilling preseason game.