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HR Derby Crowns It’s Prince, Cano Plays Court Jester

Posted by Andy on July 10th, 2012

Detroit Tigers slugger Prince Fielder blasted a number of shots into the right-field fountain at Kaffman Stadium in Kansas City, beating out Toronto’s Jose Bautista 12-7 in the finals of Monday night’s Home Run Derby (more)

Royals to Host 2012 All-Star Game

Posted by Ace Staff on November 18th, 2009

The Kansas City Royals are expected to host the 2012 MLB All-Star game at Kauffman Stadium. The official announcement will come as early as next month’s winter meetings according to MLB sources. The Boston Red Sox were campaigning to have the events at Fenway as part of the Parks 100th anniversary celebration. Rob Neyer from weighed in with his opinions, saying “In 2012 it will have been only 13 years since the last time the Red Sox hosted the All-Star Game, while it will have been nearly 40 years for Kansas City…Red Sox fans might argue that Kansas City doesn’t “deserve” an All-Star Game, that the All-Star Game should by hosted by cities full of passionate fans. I’ve got some sympathy for that opinion.” Kauffman Stadium played host to its only other All-Star Game in 1973 when it was still referred to as Royals Stadium. Even though the Sox didn’t get the bid for 2012, there are still plenty of events to look forward to at Fenway. Don’t miss the Bruins Flyers Winter Classic showdown New Years Day, followed by the Legends Game the very next day. On January 8th Hockey East collegiate programs will get to face off on the Fenway ice. 2010 Boston Red Sox spring training and regular season tickets are available now!

Greinke Awarded 2009 Cy Young

Posted by Ace Staff on November 18th, 2009

Major League Baseball has just recently announced that Kansas City Royals phenom Zack Greinke is the winner of the 2009 American League Cy Young Award. Greinke won by a landside, ranking first on 25 of the 28 deciding ballots. He finished the season with 16 wins from his impressive 2.16 ERA. Other top candidates included Felix Hernandez, Justin Verlander, CC Sabathia and Roy Halladay. The young 25 year old has already experienced his ups and down in the big leagues. He led the AL in losses in 2005 and quit baseball the following year for about two months while diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. He is now the most feared pitcher baseball, despite his team’s lack of victories. “Greinke deserved it. Before the season was over, I said my vote was for him,” said Hernandez. “This has taught me that I need to be perfect, I will prepare myself to be stronger next season. I will need a superb year because just a good one, it’s not enough.” 2010 MLB regular season tickets are now available!

Royals Pour in Late Game Runs for the Win

Posted by Ace Staff on September 22nd, 2009

Longtime Knuckleballer Tim Wakefield threw five solid innings for Boston, letting up four runs with seven walks and two strike outs in the heavy rain.  The Kansas City Royals waited until the later innings to really get their offense going, scoring six runs in the sixth and one in the seventh to pull ahead 12-9.  In less than ideal weather conditions, the Sox and Royals combine for a total of 23 hits.  Billy Butler, Mike Jacobs, Miguel Olivo, and Josh Anderson all contributed multiple hits for Kansas City.  Jason Bay led Boston’s offense with two hits including a homer in the third off the left-handed Lenny DiNardo. Even though the Red Sox couldn’t come out with the win it was good to see Wakefield back in action.  Players and coaches alike were thrilled to see him on the mound once again last night. “Gutsy performance again,” said Bay. “Obviously, you can tell Wake is not 100 percent out there, no question. He still wants to go out there and help out as much as he can. Given the circumstances and the runs we put up, I think that he did an admirable job and did enough to warrant a win.” Boston Red Sox tickets are available now!

Bernard Pollard Almost Brady’s Cassel

Posted by Ace Staff on August 12th, 2009

Early last season New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady went down with a severe knee injury, after Kansas City Chiefs defensemen Bernard Pollard fell into him.  Matt Cassel, who took Brady’s place for the rest of the year landed a big contract with Pollard’s Chiefs for this upcoming season.  During yesterday’s training camp practice Pollard thought he was about to be blocked, misread the play and stumbled right into Cassel.  After practice Pollard commented on the reoccurrence, saying “I got to the sidelines after that play and I realized what happened. I thought, — OH MY GOD! It’s like a replay.” Despite the same events taking place on that particular play, Cassel luckily did not come out injured. The Kansas City Chiefs will have their first test this Saturday in a pre-season match up against the Houston Texans at 7:00 pm. You can find all Kansas City Chiefs tickets here at!

Red Sox Trade Coco Crisp To Royals

Posted by Ace Staff on November 19th, 2008

The Boston Red Sox were able to free up some money, move an outfielder and pick up a solid reliever via a trade with the Kansas City Royals today.  Centerfielder Coco Crisp will be heading to the Royals in a deal for right handed reliever Ramon Ramirez.  Crisp split time in the outfield with Jacoby Ellsbury but was owed $5.75 million in 2009, too rich for a part time player.  The move also helps the Red Sox free up cash for a very good free agent market this off-season. Ramon Ramirez appeared in 71 games in 2008 with a 2.64 ERA in 71 1/3 innings. He was 3-2 with one save.