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Cowboys Release T.O.

Posted by Ace Staff on March 5th, 2009

All-Star wide receiver Terrell Owens was recently cut last Wednesday night from the Dallas Cowboys.  This is the third team Owens has left on bad terms with, following the San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles.  T.O. will always be remembered as one of the greatest but most controversial wide outs of all time. After his highly publicized release from the Eagles, Owens scored 38 touchdowns, and caught 235 passes for 3,587 yards in three seasons for the Cowboys.  His most recent release came as a shock to most fans knowing his numbers were great aside from his off the field antics. fter leaving three teams on bad terms it is questionable what team can actually handle him. After letting go of Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel, the New England Patriots freed up almost $20 million in cap space.  They are currently on the look out for a third receiver to complement Randy Moss and Wes Welker.  Bill Belichick will more than likely pass on T.O., but this same thought was there a couple years back right before he traded for Randy Moss. Sign up to be notified as soon as Dallas Cowboys tickets are available!

NFL Week 13 Results

Posted by Ace Staff on November 30th, 2008

The Titans and Giants both went to 11-1 this week while the Lions remained winless.   11/27/08 Tennessee Titans (11-1) 47 Detroit Lions (0-12) 10 – The Titans bounced back from their first loss of the year and trampled the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving. Dallas Cowboys (8-4) 34 Seattle Seahawks (2-10) 9 – Romo threw for 331 yards and had 3 TD passes to lead the Cowboys to their eigth win. Philadelphia Eagles (6-5-1) 48 Arizona Cardinals (7-5) 20 – McNabb’s 4 TD passes were just what the Eagles needed to get past the Cardinals on Thursday. 11/30/08  New York Giants (11-1) 23 Washington Redskins (7-5) 7 – The Giants are 11-1 for the first time ever as they continue to shut down opponents. Miami Dolphins (7-5) 16 St. Louis Rams (2-10) 12 – The Dolphins look determined to stay in the playoff picture in the AFC with their win over the Rams on Sunday. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-3) 23 New Orleans Saints (6-6) 20 – Jeff Garcia led the Bucs past the Saints today to get their record up to 9-3. San Francisco 49ers (4-8) 10 Buffalo Bills (6-6) 3 – There was very little offense to speak of in today’s 49ers win over the Bills. Baltimore Ravens (8-4) 34 Cincinnati Bengals (1-10-1) 3 – Flacco led the Ravens over the Bengals with two TD passes. Carolina Panthers (9-3) 35 Green Bay Packers (5-7) 31 – Aaron Rodgers had 3 TD’s but couldn’t lead the Packers to victory today. Indianapolis Colts (8-4) 10 Cleveland Browns (4-8) 6 – A 4th quarter TD led the Colts past the Browns for their 8th win. Kansas City Chiefs (2-10) 20 Oakland Raiders (3-9) 13 – Atlanta Falcons (8-4) 22 San Diego Chargers (4-8) 16 – Matt Ryan continues to impress as his 2 TD passes sealed the win for the Falcons on Sunday. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3) 33 New England Patriots (7-5) 10 – Matt Cassell couldn’t muster up any magic today vs the Steelers as Pittsburgh got their 9th win. More Results Later…. NFL Week 1 Scores NFL Week 2 Scores NFL Week 3 Scores NFL Week 4 Scores NFL Week 5 Scores NFL Week 6 Scores NFL Week 7 Scores NFL Week 8 Scores  NFL Week 9 Scores  NFL Week 10 Scores  NFL Week 11 Scores  NFL Week 12 Scores  NFL Week 13 Scores NFL Week 14 Scores  NFL Week 15 Scores

Dallas Looks To Dominate Seattle on Thanksgiving

Posted by Ace Staff on November 26th, 2008

The 2-9 Seattle Seahawks may have gotten their running game back in order, but they still seem like a bird in the pan for the 7-4 Dallas Cowboys. Wide receiver Terrell Owens exploded for 213 yards and a TD last week after being held to under 83 yards for the last five games. Romo has led the Cowboys to back-to-back Thanksgiving day wins, by an average of over 29 points. With their starting QB back on the field, the Cowboys seem poised to make a run for a playoff spot. Ace Ticket is the best source for Dallas Cowboys Tickets.

Giants Stand Alone at Top of NFC East

Posted by Ace Staff on November 4th, 2008

After Sunday’s convincing win over the Dallas Cowboys the New York Giants stand alone in first place in the NFC East. The 35-14 victory put the Giants at 7-1 on the year. The Redskins’ loss on Monday night put Washington 2 games behind in the loss column. The Giants are by no means in the clear for winning the division however. They have four NFC East matchups remaining in the 2nd half of the year. They will play the Eagles twice and the Redskins and Cowboys once more. While many expected the Giants to get back to the playoffs this year, few expected them to stand at 7-1 at the midway point. The Giants have won with both offense and defense. They have the most points for in the NFC East with 226 while giving up the fewest points against with 129. The Giants will be at Philadelphia on 11/9 to play the Eagles. New York Giants tickets are available for all remaining games.

NFL Week 8 Results

Posted by Ace Staff on October 26th, 2008

Halfway through 2008 NFL season last year’s Super Bowl contenders are both headed in the right direction. The New England Patriots won for the 2nd week in a row while the New York Giants improved to 6-1 with a big win in Pittsburgh. Meanwhile the Titans remain undefeated with seven wins on the year. 10/26/08 Carolina Panthers (6-2) 27 Arizona Cardinals (4-3) 23 – Kurt Warner outpassed Jake Delhomme but it was the Panthers who came away with the win improving to 6-2. Baltimore Ravens (4-3) 29 Oakland Raiders (2-5) 10 – The Ravens got the best of the Raiders today going one game over .500. Philadelphia Eagles (4-3) 27 Altanta Falcons (4-3) 14 – Westbrook had two rushing TD’s and led the Eagles past Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Washington Redskins (6-2) 25 Detroit Lions (0-7) 17 – QB Campbell threw for 328 yards as the Redskins had no trouble handing the Lions their 7th loss of the year. Miami Dolphins (3-4) 25 Buffalo Bills (5-2) 16 – The Dolphins handed the Bills only their 2nd loss on the year behind 314 passing yards by Chad Pennington. Dallas Cowboys (5-3) 13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-3) 9 – The Cowboys got away with a win without QB Tony Romo in an offensively challenged matchup with the Bucs today. New England Patriots  (5-2) 23 St. Louis Rams (2-5) 16 – The Patriots won for the 2nd game in a row improving to 5-2. New York Jets (4-3) 28 Kansas City Chiefs (1-6) 24 – Brett Favre threw for 290 yards and two TD’s getting the Jets over .500 while the Chiefs sank to 1-6. New Orleans Saints (4-4) 37 San Diego Chargers (3-5) 32 – Drew Brees’ three TD passes led the Saints over the Chargers by a slim margin on Sunday. Cleveland Browns (3-4) 23 Jacksonville Jaguars (3-4) 17 – Anderson had 246 passing yards in leading the Browns over Jacksonville today. Houston Texans (3-4) 35 Cincinnati Bengals (0-8) 6 – The Bengals are making a strong case for a winless season. They looked hopeless against a mediocre Texans team. Seattle Seahawks (2-5) 34 San Francisco 49ers (2-6) 13 – The Seahawks bested the 49ers handily on Sunday. New York Giants (6-1) 21 Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2) 14 - The Giants put up 12 points in the 4th quarter including a safety to overcome the Steelers today. Monday Night Football 10/27/08 Tennessee Titans (7-0) 31 vs Indianapolis Colts (3-4) 21 – The Titans looked like a team on a mission on Monday night as they kept the pressure on Peyton Manning and the Colts forcing two interceptions en route to a 31-21 win. NFL Week 1 Scores NFL Week 2 Scores NFL Week 3 Scores NFL Week 4 Scores NFL Week 5 Scores NFL Week 6 Scores NFL Week 7 Scores NFL Week 8 Scores  NFL Week 9 Scores  NFL Week 10 Scores  NFL Week 11 Scores  NFL Week 12 Scores  NFL Week 13 Scores NFL Week 14 Scores  NFL Week 15 Scores

NFL Week 7 Results

Posted by Ace Staff on October 19th, 2008

We’re almost at the halfway point of the NFL season. Don’t miss the action in your area. Ace has great NFL tickets for all teams. 10/19/08 New York Giants (5-1) 29 San Francisco 49ers (2-5) 17 – Jacobs rushed for two TDs as the Giants bounced back from last Monday night’s loss. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1) 38 Cincinnati Bengals (0-7) 10 – The Bengals still can’t put together a winning effort. Steelers vs Giants should be a great matchup of 5-1 on 10/26. Carolina Panthers (5-2) 30 New Orleans Saints (3-4) 7 – Delhomme led the Panthers over the Saints with two touchdown passes. St. Louis Rams  (2-4) 34 Dallas Cowboys (4-3) 14 – The Rams shocked another NFC East contender on Sunday as the Cowboys lost in their first game with injured QB Tony Romo. Tennessee Titans (6-0) 34 Kansas City Chiefs (1-5) 10 – The Titans are going strong at 6-0 while the Chiefs continue their struggles. Green Bay Packers (4-3) 34 Indianapolis Colts (3-3) 14 – Rodgers outgunned Manning and the Colts to get the Packers above .500. Baltimore Ravens (3-3) 27 Miami Dolphins (2-4) 13 – The Ravens were too much for the Dolphins today. Chicago Bears (4-3) 48 Minnesota Vikings (3-4) 41 – Orton and the Bears won the shootout with the Vikings which included two TDs by the Bears QB. Buffalo Bills (5-1) 23 San Diego Chargers (3-4) 14 – The Bills continued to impress with their 5th win on the season. Oakland Raiders (2-4) 16 New York Jets (3-3) 13 – The Raiders surprised the Jets with an overtime win on Sunday. Houston Texans (2-4) 28 Detroit Lions (0-6) 21 – The Lions lost the battle of who’s worse today as the Texans got their 2nd win of the year. Washington Redskins (5-2) 14 Cleveland Browns (2-4) 11 – The Redskins remain a force in the NFC East with 5 wins while the Browns dropped their 4th game. Tampa Bay Bucs 20 (5-2) vs Seattle Seahawks 10 (1-5) -  The Bucs looked good in their Sunday night win over the Seattle Seahawks. Monday Night Football 10/20/08 New England Patriots (4-2) 41 vs Denver Broncos (4-3) 7 – No that wasn’t Tom Brady throwing the ball on Monday night. Matt Cassell finally looked like a Patriots QB throwing 2 TD’s to Randy Moss in a rout of the Denver Broncos. NFL Week 1 Scores NFL Week 2 Scores NFL Week 3 Scores NFL Week 4 Scores NFL Week 5 Scores NFL Week 6 Scores NFL Week 7 Scores NFL Week 8 Scores  NFL Week 9 Scores  NFL Week 10 Scores  NFL Week 11 Scores  NFL Week 12 Scores  NFL Week 13 Scores NFL Week 14 Scores  NFL Week 15 Scores

Dallas Cowboys 2008 Schedule & Preview

Posted by Ace Staff on April 15th, 2008

After beating the New York Giants twice in the regular season, Dallas fell to the eventual Super Bowl champions in last years playoffs, abruptly ending a season that many thought would end with at least an NFC title. This year, the Cowboys are returning all the key ingredients to be back in contention, and they will certainly be gunning for their division foes, the Giants. Season schedule and preview listed below! Home games are in CAPS. Sun, Sep 7 @ Cleveland (FOX) 3:15 PM   – The Cowboys start off the 2008 season on the road and put up some impressive offensive numbers, showing that Tony Romo’s success last year was not a fluke. Mon, Sep 15 PHILADELPHIA (ESPN) 7:30 PM – The Eagles and Cowboys match up used to have a lot more excitement and anticipation geared behind it, especially on Monday Night Football. With the Eagles falling off the face of the football map, the Cowboys clean up for their first home win of the year. Sun, Sep 21 @ Green Bay (NBC) 7:15 PM – Luckily for the Cowboys, they travel to Green Bay before the brutally cold weather hits, which could play a factor against a team that plays in a dome in Texas. Both teams will be there at the end of the season and this one should be a great match up. Sun, Sep 28 WASHINGTON (FOX) 3:15 PM – Dallas split with the Redskins last season, winning their home game and losing their match on the road by a score of 27-6. The Cowboys will come to play at home for a close but impressive victory effort. Sun, Oct 5 CINCINNATI (CBS) 3:15 PM – In a match up that will feature two of the best receivers in the NFL, the focus in this game will be which secondary can control the superstar. Will it be Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens that strikes first? Sun, Oct 12 @ Arizona (FOX) 3:15 PM – The Cardinals will put a young team on the field that will hustle and go hard all game, but they lack true leadership which is why teams like the Cowboys have no trouble coming into town and picking up a road win. Sun, Oct 19 @ St. Louis (FOX) NOON – The Rams are bad, the Cowboys are good. Good triumphs over evil, Cowboys win on the road without much of a contest. Sun, Oct 26 TAMPA BAY (FOX) NOON – The Bucs are a team that everyone overlooks, and with the Giants looming on the Cowboys horizon in a week 9 match up, Tampa Bay gives the Giants a scare at home, but Tomy Romo leads a late charge to propel America’s team to the win. Sun, Nov 2 @ New York Giants (FOX) 3:15 PM – The NFC equivalence to the Red Sox vs. Yankees match up is a Cowboys vs. Giants game. Dallas took both regular season games last year but fell to the G-Men in an exciting 2nd round playoff game. Dallas’s running game is too much for the Giants defensive line and NY falls for the first time at home this season. Sun, Nov 9 BYE – A nice spot for a BYE week to rest up for the 2nd half of the season. Sun, Nov 16 @ Washington (NBC) 7:15 PM – Like last season, Washington rebounds from an early season loss to the Cowboys and wins at home. The Cowboys look sluggish coming off of their BYE week and costly turnovers lead to too many Redskin points. Sun, Nov 23 SAN FRANCISCO (FOX) NOON – The Cowboys return home for their first game in almost a month to face the 49er’s. Coming off the week 11 loss, Dallas is in no mood to let an inferior SF team escape with anything but a pounding. This one has the potential to be a real time blow out. Thurs, Nov 27 SEATTLE (FOX) 3:15 PM – In a possible first round playoff match up, the Cowboys make sure to show the Seahawks that coming into Dallas and winning is not easy. Both defenses come to play but the Cowboys still take home the victory in a low scoring affair. Sun, Dec 7 @ Pittsburgh (FOX) 3:15 PM – In the middle of their toughest stretch of the season, Dallas travels to Pittsburgh to face Big Ben and the Steelers during a cold Sunday afternoon match up. Big Ben has his game face on and leads the home team to victory. Sun, Dec 14 NEW YORK GIANTS (NBC) 7:15 PM – This game will decide the division champion and fortunately for the Cowboys, they overpower the Giants right from the coin flip. Tony Romo comes to play and picks apart a NY secondary that hasn’t had a week off since their Bye week in late September. Sat, Dec 20 BALTIMORE (NFLN) 7:15 PM – Romo and the Cowboys continue to roll, starting to see another division title on the horizon. Baltimore’s defense puts up a fight in the first half but can not keep up with Dallas’ offensive game plan. Sun, Dec 28 @ Philadelphia (FOX) NOON – The game is meaningless because Philadelphia is not in playoff contention and the Cowboys have locked up home field in the NFC throughout the playoffs. Starters will be rested so avoid injury, and the Cowboys still manage to pull off the win with 2nd and 3rd stringers. Dallas hopes to regain the title of NFC Champion and with this regular season schedule, certainly has every opportunity to make that goal a reality. If Romo can lower his Interception to TD ratio, the team will be in control of almost every game they play. Dallas Cowboys Tickets will be available soon.