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Posts Tagged ‘Atlanta Braves’

AL Hot Stove Roundup 1/15/08

Posted by Ace Staff on January 15th, 2008

While everyone’s eyes, ears, and …. imaginations have been focused on where Johan Santana would end up, the American League hot stove has been quietly churning. Here is a quick recap of some moves to date. (more)

Glavine Returns to Braves, Family

Posted by Ace Staff on November 19th, 2007

During his time with the Mets in New York, Tom Glavine did not have many opportunities to spend time with his family.  With his 300th win behind him, Tom decided to return to Atlanta next season.  In doing so he returns to the team he helped rocket to dominance in the 90′s, as well as the city where his family is situated.  Glavine’s 1-year $8 million deal is certainly a pay cut from what he may have earned elsewhere, but he wants to prioritize his family.