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Grammy Award Winners Coming to Boston

Posted by bramantev on January 27th, 2014

With one of music’s biggest nights at a close, the 2014 Grammy Awards show gives us just a taste of what is to come for this year, especially here in Boston. Three big winners of the night Justin Timberlake, Imagine Dragons, and Lorde will be coming to Boston this winter. (more)

Brad Paisley’s “summer” tour stars in January

Posted by Nicole Anzuoni on December 6th, 2013

Just in case you don’t want to wait to till summer to hip on hot shorts and slip cold whiskey, Brad Paisley has you covered: Paisley will be trekking on his Beat This Summer Tour presented by Cracker Barrel OldCountry Store®. (more)
Photo: Ethan Miller / Scott Gries, Getty Images

Journey and Steve Miller Band kick off tour this summer

Posted by Nicole Anzuoni on December 6th, 2013

If you’ve ever been near a karaoke bar, you probably wouldn’t mind going the rest of your life without hearing “Don’t Stop Believing” again. Can’t say I blame you. Why not let the band give their music some justice, however, and see them when they perform with the Steve Miller Band this summer? (more)

Another batch of shows for your holiday wishlist

Posted by Nicole Anzuoni on December 3rd, 2013

As my last undergraduate semester approaches, it’s clear that I owe more debt to Live Nation than I do in student loans. With that being said, I’ll be looking for ticket stubs in my stocking this year. Good thing there’s a round of shows coming up that promise a good time. (more)

Prince announces three-night year-end run

Posted by Nicole Anzuoni on November 26th, 2013

I don’t know about you but after the holidays my weight skyrockets nearly into quadruple numbers. My legs become limp and the only exercise I know is fisting egg nog and the disappearing act when it’s time to start shoveling. I found a type of run, however, that can get me moving again right before the New Year—Prince’s three-night year-end run at Mohegan Sun Arena. (more)

Right in Time for the Holidays: Concert Wishlist

Posted by Nicole Anzuoni on November 21st, 2013

As soon as school starts I find myself hanging with my best friends, Associated Press Stylebook and MLA Style Manual, appreciating the beautiful leaves falling and also acknowledging that my social life is dying at a faster rate than the foliage. Unfortunately for fellow stressed students and me, the best concerts always happen at this time. Both the winter and spring’s concert selections, however, aren’t looking too shabby either. (more)
Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Clear Channel

Miley Cyrus announces twerk dates

Posted by Nicole Anzuoni on November 8th, 2013

Personally, I’m still surprised that Miley Cyrus’ revealing VMA performance slipped past the FDA. Now she’s offering us another installment: Cyrus has announced an upcoming North-American tour. (more)


Arctic Monkeys announce U.S. tour dates

Posted by Nicole Anzuoni on November 5th, 2013

The British Invasion isn’t over till I say it’s over! (And considering I’m still in Beatlemania-fourteen year old teenybopper-George Harrison is dreamy mode, it won’t be over for a while.) With that being said, here’s some good news (for me): Arctic Monkeys have announced some U.S. dates! (more)


Billy Joel closing 2013 at NYE concert in Brooklyn

Posted by Nicole Anzuoni on November 5th, 2013

Billy Joel does not live off his rich parents, constantly sport flannel shirts, and aspire to be Bansky or some other artist that you’ve never heard of. (But he does hate pop music now.) So maybe he won’t fit in Brooklyn. Nevertheless, that won’t stop Joel from  ringing in the New Year there at Barclays Center. (more)

Drake and Kanye West cancelled tour dates

Posted by Nicole Anzuoni on October 22nd, 2013

I savor any moment that I am not listening to Drake’s music. When he announced his “Would You Like A Tour?” concert series, the answer was a no-brainer (yet, probably involved more limbic activity than his writing in “Started from the Bottom” did.) Nevertheless, Drake’s tour is one of the most highly-anticipated concerts of the fall—and his massive fan-base must have been pretty bummed out when he cancelled his second scheduled performance last Saturday in Philadelphia. (more)