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MLB Saturday Head Hunts

Posted by Ace Staff on August 17th, 2009 in Sports

Mets David Wright, Dodgers Hiroki Kuroda, and Rangers Ian Kinsler each suffered a ball to the head last Saturday during various MLB contests, and each of the players are currently in different states of recovery.  David Wright’s return to the lineup this season is doubtful, as Kuroda and Kinsler have both been released from their hospital locations.  The most unusual situation involving pitcher Kuroda (who had a ball fire back at him on the mound) says he is “lucky to be alive” but feeling good. 

Wright is hungry to get back on the field despite his recent shock to the head.  “David wanted to take a chance to go out and play, but we decided to take it away from him and DL him based on the recommendation of our doctors who consulted with a specialist,” said Mets general manager Omar Minaya. “It’s a medical decision.”  The recent hit-by-pitch occurrences have created the notion that punishments should be more severe for pitchers aiming at a hitters body.  Usually a warning is issued to begin with before immediate ejection from the game if the act is conducted again. 

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